XRAY XB8'22 - 1/8 Nitro Off-Road Car + FX K303 Combo


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XRAY XB8'22 - 1/8 Nitro Off-Road Car + FX K303 Combo

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XRAY XB8'22 1/8 Race Nitro Buggy Kit + FX K303 Engine Combo

2022 Features:

Shorter wing holder
New wing mount moves the wing forwards to create more downforce over the rear wheels and increase rear traction.

Frontward Wing
The XB8’s molded wing was redesigned for a more forward position to create more downforce over the rear suspension. The shape of the wing increases the stability of the car in all conditions and is legal under the latest IFMAR wing specifications.

Central CVD Shaft Universal Joint
To increase reliability and strength, the M4 set screws on the central CVD universal joints were replaced by more robust M5 set screws to eliminate stripping the screw during installation or maintenance.

Central CVD shaft universal joints are made from world-renown HUDY Spring Steel. Strategically machined for toughness and reduced weight without compromising strength. Fits front & rear central CVD drive shafts.

Shock Towers
New graphite rear shock tower improves traction in all track conditions. CNC-machined from extra-thick 4mm premium-grade graphite, the shock tower features multiple shock positions and multiple roll center adjustment positions.

Steering Block
Steering blocks from a harder composite material provide a more responsive feel especially on bumpy tracks and retain free suspension movement in dusty conditions for better consistency. The steering blocks are super lightweight yet extremely strong, featuring a larger outside 8x16x5mm ball-bearings for increased reliability and lifespan.

Rear Uprights
New harder rear uprights maintain stability in all track conditions. The hard material also improves the handling in hotter conditions and better maintains it shape for improved bump absorbing. The uprights are super-strong and feature a larger outside 8x16x5mm ball-bearing for increased reliability and lifespan.

Brake Linkage
New brake linkage assemblies with stiff springs and ball-shaped bushings result in a more reliable and consistent brake operation through even the longest runs.

The chassis features chamfered front edges which prevents dirt pick-up when the chassis contacts the track. The chamfered edges will not “cut” the dirt, but rather the dirt will slide along the chamfered edges and not get stuck at the front of the chassis. The side guards were moved 4mm rearwards to ensure that under full throttle and full steering lock the inflated tires will not contact the side guards and can operate freely.