Ny Däck & Fälg 1.9" Resto-Mod (för 8255A Axel) (4) Visa större

Däck & Fälg 1.9" Resto-Mod (för 8255A Axel) (4)


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Tires and wheels, assembled, glued (1.9" classic chrome wheels, Canyon Trail 4.6x1.9" tires) (4)/ center caps (4)/ decal sheet (requires #8255A extended stub axle)

Complete the look of your classic 1969 Blazer body with this highly detailed wheel and tire set. The all-terrain S1-compound Canyon Trail tires come pre-glued on 1.9" 8-hole chrome mag wheels with center caps. Although designed specifically for the 1969 Blazer body, the wheel and tire set fits all Traxxas TRX-4 models. (Requires #8255 extended stub axle)

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